How To Add Transitions In Premiere Pro (Simple Steps)

How to add transitions Adobe Premiere Pro

Do you want to learn how to add transitions in Premiere Pro?

Adding transitions is an important part of video editing. They help to smooth out the edit and make your videos look more professional. With our easy-to-follow guide, you’ll be able to add any type of transition you need in no time at all.

How you can add a smooth transition

When video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, there is a plethora of video and audio transitions available to spice up your compositions. Video transitions are used to integrate two video clips together and are easily accessible via the Effects Panel.

Simply go to the effects panel > video transitions, pick the transition that you like and drag in onto the cut of the two videos that have to get glued together.

Premiere Pro effects panel

Types of Transitions in Premiere Pro

Common video transitions in Premiere Pro include;


One of the most commonly used transitions in adobe premiere is the Cross Dissolve. This simple yet effective transition allows users to add a smooth blend effect between clips, creating a subtle yet visually-pleasing end result. The Cross Dissolve works by overlaying one clip over the other, where both clips are visible at the same time for a period of time and then gradually fade out. This creates a seamless transition from one clip to another, making it a great fit when you want to add an engaging element to your video project.


This effect allows you to quickly zoom into a specific area of the video or transition out using the entire screen. Using this, you can easily create a movie-like feel while transitioning between clips, while adding some dynamic and interesting visuals to the whole experience.


While the slide transition may not be my personal favourite, it is certainly versatile and can be effectively used to add contrast or create a dramatic effect. With careful consideration and the right styling, it can be the perfect choice when editing transitions in Premiere Pro. Ultimately, it’s worth experimenting with transitions to figure out what works best for each video.

transitions premiere slide


This video transition tool allows you to add seamless transitions between two clips, creating a smooth effect that makes it appear as though the scenes have merged together. It works especially well for before and after shots or when transitioning from one shot to another. It’s easy to customize, so explore this feature for a dynamic and professional look.

Audio transitions

Audio transitions are usually used when transitioning between two different video clips or interviews that require a seamless transition. Furthermore, audio transitions can be used to link one video clip or audio clip with another within a single video composition. The Effect Panel helps filter through the many types of video and audio transition effects enabling you to get creative with your project.

How to set a default transition in Premiere Pro

Good news, it’s very easy to set your default video transition! Setting default transitions can save you time, as it eliminates the need for you to re-apply the same transition over and over again each time you edit the project. 

To set a default transition, simply highlight all clips or parts of clips that require transitioning and click ‘apply default transition’.

This is the same for the default audio transition.

Set default transition in Premiere Pro

How to remove a transition in Adobe premiere pro?

Did you add transitions in Premiere Pro and would you like to get rid of (one) of them? Removing transitions in Premiere Pro is a quick process that can be done with just two clicks. First, select the transition effect in your sequence by simply clicking on it. Then press Delete on Mac or use your Backspace key if you’re on Windows. That’s all there is to it and you can quickly jump back into refining the rest of your work within Premiere Pro.


If you are looking for a way to easily add transitions to your video projects, then Adobe Premiere Pro is the perfect video editing tool for you. Not only will it make the process of adding transitions a breeze, but it also gives you plenty of options and controls to customize them exactly how you want them. You can even get creative by combining different effects together to create something truly unique. Hope this blog made it easier how to add transitions in premiere pro. In case you need some video inspiration, check out this post!

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