7 Best copywriting software tested and reviewed (2023) + Bonus

AI copywriting software

There are a number of different copywriting software programs on the market, so it can be tricky to know which one is right for you. To help you make the best decision, we’ve put together a list of the seven best copywriting software programs, based on our own experience and research.

Copywriting software can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking to produce high-quality copy for your marketing materials, we recommend considering one of the programs on our list.

Our Pick

Jasper AI

In our opinion, Jasper is the best copywriting software on the market because it offers a wide range of features that make it easy to create high-quality content. With Jasper, you can easily research topics, generate ideas, and create a well-written copy. Additionally, Jasper provides a range of editing and proofreading tools to ensure that your content is error-free. Plus, with Jasper’s built-in SEO functionality, you can be sure that your content will be optimized for search engines. If you’re looking for copywriting software that will help you save time and create better content, then Jasper is the perfect solution.

Our favorite options for AI copywriting software

1. Jasper

Is the leading provider of AI copywriting software! Why? Because Jasper generates content by simply adding your preferences.

Copywriting software is designed to help you create content quickly and efficiently and that’s what Jasper does. Jasper offers a range of features that make it the perfect tool for businesses of all sizes. With Jasper, you can easily create and manage your copywriting content, track your progress and performance, and collaborate with team members. Jasper is also extremely affordable, making it the perfect tool for businesses on a budget. If you’re looking for copywriting software that will help you easily create and manage your copywriting content, then Jasper AI is the perfect solution for you.

Key features

  • Jasper is easy to use.
  • Researches topics for you while generating original copy.
  • There are over 50+ templates.
  • Boss Mode: Jasper’s ultimate feature. Write faster and without limits!
  • SBuilt-in integration with Surfer SEO.
  • It generates high-quality content


1. Starter – For the hobbyist just getting started: $49/mo estimated*.
2. Boss Mode – For bloggers & content marketers: $99/mo estimated*
3. Business – For teams and businesses: Custom Plan & Price.

2. Content at Scale

This software allows you to create lengthy copy of high-quality, with just a few clicks! It’s not a match if you are looking for an ai writer that helps you write catchy social media texts but for long copy, this is your match.

Key features

  • Generates a long-form content
  • Plagiarism free! They have a Plagiarism and AI detector integrated.
  • As well SEO optimization is integrated
  • Multiple Languages Support
  • You can rerun your copy if you don’t like it
  • They have the option to write a full article from a keyword or based on another blogpost


Content at Scale isn’t cheap but it’s worth it if you need to write interesting blogposts.

They offer several plans:

  • The most budget plan costs $250 per month, and you will get 8 blogposts on that plan.
  • It goes up to $1500 per month

We can get you 20% more on your plan, so that you will get 10 credits instead of 8 on the smallest plan. Click on the button below to find out more!

3. Copy.ai

No ideas? No worries! Copy.Ai allows you to use the tone of voice and language of your choice to make it sound like you wrote it yourself. With Copy.Ai you will save time!

Key features

  • Unlimited runs.
  • 25+ languages.
  • Improves your content.
  • Choose your tone of voice.
  • Generates Ideas for you.


1. Free plan.
2. Pro Plan: $49 per month ($35 if payed yearly).

4. Writesonic

Create the type of content you need with this easy-to-use software. WriteSonic explains everything you need to know. Generate your content in minutes without dealing with any complicated tools.

Key features

  • SEO friendly
  • Grammar fixer
  • Readability checker
  • YouTube video copy
  • Content Expander


1. Free Trial – Give Writesonic a try for free.
2. Short-form – For hobbyists just starting out: $15/month ($10 if payed yearly).
3. Long-form – For bloggers, freelancers & businesses: $19/month ($13 if payed yearly).

5. Copy Shark

With just one click create strong, high-converting content. Copy Shark provides solutions for marketers and writers who want to improve their copies and save time! 

This AI copywriting software covers almost all types of online content. This makes Copy Shark a great tool for generating quality texts.

Key features

  • Any type of content Generator
  • Video Scripts Generator
  • Multiple Language Support


1. Premium Monthly: $29 What’s included?
2. Annual: $299.

6. Copysmith AI

CopySmith AI is a great ai writing tool to generate creative texts. This AI-powered copywriting software can write ads, product descriptions, and other content within no time.

Key features

  • Rewrites and improves your content
  • Content Ideas Generator
  • Built-in Templates
  • Chrome Extension
  • Shopify Integration
  • SEO friendly


1. Starter – For individuals looking to get started: $19/month.
2. Professional – For growing teams and power users taking their copy to the next level: $59/month.
3. Enterprise – For businesses that need unlimited content creation at scale: Custom Pricing.

7. Rytr

Use this powerful AI copywriting tool to write professional emails, social ads, Google ads, landing page copy, and more!

Rytr has a number of advantages over other copywriting tools, including its ability to create multiple versions of a piece of content, its ease of use, and its affordability.

Key features

  • +30 different templates
  • +20 different tones of voice
  • +30 languages
  • SEO friendly
  • Workflow feature


1. Free plan.
2. Saver plan: $9 per month.
3. Unlimited plan: $29 per month.

Now that we have analyzed these different copywriting software tools and know what their functions are, which one is our favorite?

Well, we have chosen our top 3 copywriting software tools:

1. Jasper
2. Copy.Ai
3. Copy Smith

8. BONUS Item – Surfer SEO

SurferSEO is not a copywriting tool but you should definitely use it in combination with some of the copywriting tools. It’s a powerful tool designed to enhance search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and improve website rankings. It offers a comprehensive set of features and data-driven insights that can benefit both experienced SEO professionals and beginners alike.

What is AI copywriting?

Well, it’s basically the superhero of writing! An AI Copywriting software is a tool that helps you create compelling and effective copy for your marketing materials. From website content to brochures and email campaigns, copywriting software can help you produce high-quality copy that targets your audience and achieves your marketing objectives.

Copywriting software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand your target audience and write copy that appeals to their needs and interests. The copywriting software tools analyze your customer data and combine it with market research to create a profile of your ideal customer. It then uses this information to generate copy that is designed to engage, convert, and retain customers.

What Are the Benefits of Copywriting Software?

There are many benefits to using copywriting software, including:

·  Save time: Copywriting software can help you save time by generating high-quality copy quickly and efficiently.

·  Improve quality: Copywriting software can help you produce better-quality copy than you could if you were writing it yourself. The software takes into account your audience, objectives, and the latest trends to create copy that is designed to achieve results.

·  Reduce costs: Copywriting software can help you reduce your marketing costs by helping you create more effective copy. The software can also help you save money on outsourcing costs by allowing you to generate copy internally.

What Makes Good Copywriting?

If it’s good copywriting depends on your audience and your objectives. However, there are some general principles that can help you create effective copy for your website, social media posts, flyers etc.

Some of the things to consider include:

·  The tone of your copy. Is it friendly and casual or formal and professional?
·  The style of your copy. Is it serious or light-hearted?
·  The length of your copy. Does it need to be short and snappy or can it be more detailed?
·  The structure of your copy. Is it easy to read and understand?
·  The keywords you use. Are they relevant to your audience and what they are searching for?
·  The call to action you include. Is it clear and concise?

It is also important to consider factors such as the following:

·  Accuracy in the content creation process. Avoid spreading false information, it will make your business look less credible!
·  Understand what your target audience needs. Once you do that, you can start to discover the types of content you need to generate.
·  Keyword research. Make sure your copy is SEO-optimized to rank high on Google.
·  It forms connections. Create copy that persuades, and connect your target to certain emotions and experiences.
·  A great, nice, phenomenal headline. This is the first thing your possible client will see, so ensure your headline is concise and piques enough curiosity in your readers for them to want to keep reading.
·  Easy-to-understand and concise content. Use a “humanized” tone of voice and avoid complicated terms.
·  Use the active voice. Passive voice will weaken your message. Instead, the active voice will persuade your readers!

What is the best AI copywriting software

Copywriting software is a tool that can be used by copywriters in order to help them write copy more efficiently and effectively. There are a number of different copywriting software programs available on the market, and it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs. Every business owner needs something else, so it comes out handy that there a various ai copywriting tools to choose from.

One of the key considerations when choosing copywriting software is the level of artificial intelligence (AI) support that it offers. The best copywriting software will offer an AI writing assistant that can help you to write copy more quickly and efficiently. 

Another important consideration is the price of the copywriting software. Some programs can be quite expensive, so it is important to compare prices before making a purchase. Finally, it is also important to consider the features offered by different copywriting software programs. The best program for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements.


Ai copywriting software can be a great asset for businesses of all sizes. The right software can help you create more effective copy, save money on outsourcing costs, and reduce your marketing costs.

When choosing copywriting software, be sure to look for features such as accuracy, quality, ease of use, and SEO optimization suggestions. Choose the software that best meets your needs and budget. Good luck and let us know your experience!

Good copywriting is only one part of effective marketing, click here to read more about the tools you can’t miss out on.

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