Best examples of branded videos – Create a brand legacy!

Best examples of branded videos

As content creators, you know that your brand’s message and voice must stand out from the competition to connect with customers. It’s essential for brands to have a consistent story and tone of voice, both online and in print. One powerful way to strengthen your marketing strategy is by creating branded videos. These can be inspirational, funny or explaining for example.

Join us as we explore how remarkable brands achieved greater connection with their customers with branded video content, leaving behind a lasting legacy in today’s changing landscape!

Great examples of branded videos

There are some truly compelling branded videos out there today. From animated clips with clever messages to reality-based vignettes that tug on emotions, a brand video can be more than just commercial advertisements.


One of the greatest examples is Dove’s campaign which featured mothers and daughters. This one (and others) are a brilliant success and demonstrated how powerful brand videos can be when done right. They have an amazing video marketing strategy and for this one, they played on the viewers’ emotions. It’s about parenting and the difficulties of our time, looking at social media. There are just a few brands that get to this level of creating amazing visual storytelling. I absolutely love this video of Dove!

Branded video by Dove

Red Bull

Another master of branded content is Red bull! While other industries struggle to keep viewer attention for even a few minutes, Red Bull sets a whole new level of brand awareness with such a video—creating intense emotion and engagement from audiences who are eagerly awaiting each new release. Even if viewers don’t know much about Red Bull’s company culture, the quality and impact of these videos can easily make them avid fans. From sporting events to stunt shows or just getting creative with everyday activities, Red Bull has nailed how to make powerful company culture videos that leave an unforgettable impression with their branded video content.

Branded video by Red Bull


Alibaba’s Olympic Ad: Kenya Ice Hockey Team Dreams Big is a great example of how branded videos can be used to capture the human spirit and brand values, while creating an emotional connection with viewers. The video follows the struggles and hardships of a small, underdog ice hockey team from Kenya and their dream to compete in the 2022 Beijing Olympics. It not only shows how everyone has dreams, but also reminds us that anyone can achieve them. The video captivated viewers from all around the world, helping to cement Alibaba’s reputation as a company that believes in making dreams come true.

Branded video by Alibaba


Zendesk must be a fun place to work! If you can make such a video as this one, your team must be a creative bunch. This video is a great example of how to create an entertaining marketing campaign that people will remember long after it has been released. The light-hearted nature of the clip helped Zendesk create an amazing brand image that resonated with viewers.

Branded video by Zendesk

What is the goal of a brand video?

The goal of creating brand videos is to craft an emotional connection with the customer. When done effectively, video content can showcase a brand’s product or message in a powerful way that compels viewers to take action. These brand videos typically have the potential to go viral if crafted just right, evoking an emotion that resonates with people and encourages sharing. A brand video gives companies a chance to inspire and engage on an unprecedented level across multiple platforms — making it one of the most effective marketing strategies on the market now.

Does the video need to be professionally shot to be effective?

Your videos don’t need to be perfect or of professional quality in order to be effective. In fact, sometimes homemade videos are more effective because they feel more authentic. However, it’s important to make sure that your videos are well-produced and edited so that they look professional.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to creating videos, there are plenty of online resources available that can help you get started. You can also find inspiration from other companies that have had success with video marketing. By experimenting with different types of videos and targeting different audiences, you can find out what works best for your business and create engaging, inspiring videos that will connect with your customers.

How can you make your own brand video that rocks?

If you have the task of creating your own brand video, it’s not the easiest task. But let’s be frank here, it’s the most fun one. Whether you’re thinking about making an explainer video, testimonial video or showing the brand’s core values a company culture video always starts with a clear view of the target audience.

So if you don’t know exactly who your audience is, start here.

  • Find out what the love
  • Where they hang out
  • What they watch online
  • What kind of emotions they feel
  • How the talk

Once you have your target audience figured out, the key is to create a brand story.

Your video should not only be fun and entertaining but also evoke emotion and inspire viewers in ways that traditional marketing techniques cannot. So go out for a walk and ideas will pop up when you least expect them.

Next step is creating video content for the story

Whether it’s animation, characters or real people, the visuals should help bring your story to life.

Finally, don’t forget to add an effective call-to-action at the end of the video so it has a clear purpose and can reach its full potential.

By following these steps you’ll be able to create a unique brand video that truly stands out and capture the attention of your target audience. With a clear story, compelling visuals, and an effective call-to-action, you’ll be able to create videos that will resonate with viewers and generate meaningful results for your business!


The goal of a brand video is to promote your product, service, or mission with a creative, engaging cinematic asset that compels viewers to action. The best examples of branded videos achieve this goal by leveraging stunning visuals and an emotionally gripping story. But don’t simply copy their ideas; take these examples as inspiration and create something unique for your brand. Step up to the challenge of crafting your own branded video content, be it an entertaining music video, educational tutorial, or short film about your product or service. Making great compelling brand videos is a legacy for any brand, one well worth pursuing!

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