2023 Fonts – 5 trends to keep an eye on!

The new year will bring a lot of exciting new fonts to the world of typography. With advancements in technology and increased demand for different style options, there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to font trend design. The 2023 typography trends signal a move towards individuality, creativity and variety.

If your looking for a font trend, a new serif font for your library or just an update on popular fonts, keep reading and get ready for font trends for 2023!

Let’s recap first, what font trends did we see in 2022?

In 2022, the world of font trends saw a shift towards bold and modern fonts. Sans serif continued to be popular, but there was an increase in more daring typefaces like slab serifs and display types.

TT Ricordi is a great example. It’s a set of three elegant display serif fonts and originates from the pre-coronavirus tourist trips to Italy of one of the art directors, Yulia Gonina

Font designers also experimented with geometric shapes and unusual character designs. Overall, 2023 is set to follow this trend of bold, interesting fonts. Maybe even in a more extreme way…

So, what can we expect of the 2023 font trends?

Here are the five biggest font trends that you should watch out for:

1. Block serif

2023 fonts top 5 have to include a Block serif, this is a typeface with thick, blocky letterforms that makes a big impact on any design. It’s perfect for creating bold headlines and titles.


Within the block serif, we see a growth toward grungy and vintage-inspired fonts. 2023 Will bring a variety of vintage-inspired fonts. These fonts bring a sense of nostalgia to any project, and can be used to create an instantly recognizable look and feel.

2. Geometric Sans

This font is a modern twist on the classic sans serif style, with geometric shapes replacing traditional curves. It’s perfect for logos and other graphic design projects that hang towards a sans serif need.

A great example for this list of 2023 trends is the font ‘Rupert’.

Rupert is an incredibly versatile geometric sans serif typeface with a range of 8 weights, spanning from Thin to Black, that each have their own accompanying italics. This typeface supports extended Latin and has plans to further its support in the future with additional language coverage. Rupert is one of the most reliable typefaces when it comes to high quality, making it ideal for professional design work and branding projects. With its beautiful curves and sharp edges, Rupert will give a modern touch to your projects while being able to stay consistent throughout different sizes and environments.

3. Rounded Display

Rounded display fonts became increasingly popular, thanks to their playful and eye-catching design and that won’t stop in 2023. They’re perfect for adding a touch of fun to any project.

GT Pressura is a great example



4. Script fonts

This Rollerscript g-type font is amazing for creating a custom, hand-written look. It’s perfect for creating logos or text with a unique touch. You can adjust this typeface to fit any design style by giving it rough or smooth edges.

If you don’t have a great script font yet, download this one to your font library!

Hand-lettered fonts have become increasingly popular in the world of logo and brand design. These font styles are created by drawing each letter individually and are perfect for creating unique, eye-catching designs. This style of typography allows companies to stand out from the crowd. Hand-lettering also opens up a variety of design possibilities, as no hand-drawn font will ever be quite the same. Not only can hand-lettering give a personalized touch to a brand’s logo, but different styles and looks can be used within an overall branding strategy to really drive individuality home. 

5. Experimental Fonts

In 2023 fonts will also bring a variety of experimental aspects. The experimental fonts and fun fonts are characterized by their unique, often quirky designs that can be used to create an eye-catching effect in any design project. 2023 will see an increase in the use of experimental fonts, as more designers explore unconventional font styles that push the boundaries of typography. Distorted fonts are a great example as well as liquid chrome font types.

The real washedout

Unique Font Variations in 2023

Looking at the font trend, 2023 will bring with it a variety of unique font variations. From bold, modern typefaces to delicate script designs, 2023 has something for everyone. We’ll see fonts that combine geometric shapes with hand-drawn elements, as well as fonts that offer organic curves and texture. For brands looking to stand out from the rest, 2023 is the perfect time to explore new font styles and find a design that stands out from the crowd. 2022 also saw some interesting trends, with a focus on layering fonts for dramatic effect as well as using different weights of the same font for additional impact. 2023 is sure to offer even more exciting options for font experimentation.  With so many options available, 2023 is sure to be the year of font exploration.

Custom Typefaces

2023 is also the year of custom typefaces. With more designers creating fonts specifically for their clients, 2023 will bring with it a variety of unique and interesting font styles that can be tailored to any brand or project. Custom typefaces provide brands with the opportunity to have a font design that’s completely unique and fits their individual style and objectives. The new year will also see an increase in the use of variable fonts, which provides brands with the ability to adjust font weight and style without having to download multiple versions of the same font. This allows designers to customize a font for any project or brand easily and quickly. With so many exciting possibilities available in 2023, custom typefaces are sure to make a big impact.

geometric sans serif fonts

Geometric sans serif fonts haven’t gone anywhere, even though other font trends may come and go. They are a staple of modern design because they communicate simplistic elegance and versatility that stands out. Sans serif fonts allow for readability at any size, with their geometric lines acting as a backdrop for text, making the message communicating stand out even more. Moreover, these fonts have proven to be timeless and have become increasingly popular in not only digital solutions but also physical formats with their ability to enhance typography both on screen and in print. In short, these fonts always stay interesting because of their minimalistic look complemented by industrial-strength backing.

What does the right font type mean for brand identities

Choosing the right font type makes all the difference in logo design, especially when it comes to better convey a company’s brand identity and values.

For brands looking to stand out from the competition, there are over 200,000 fonts at their disposal to make unique font choices, with each font family containing its own means of expression, whether it is characterized by serifs or sans serifs. The perfect font choice, then, depends on precisely what message the logo design is meant to communicate – the more thoughtful and deliberate that choice is when selecting which font family best represents a brand’s identity, the higher the impact logo design will have in connecting with customers.

As graphic designer Sarah Hyndman writes in her book ‘Why fonts matter’  “Discover the incredible power of fonts – how they influence your decisions, alter your perceptions, stir your emotions and change how you understand the world.”


Overall, 2023 is sure to be a year of creativity and exploration in the world of font design. With unique variations, custom typefaces, and variable fonts available, 2023 will provide designers with endless opportunities for experimentation and creativity. It’s an exciting time for font aficionados and designers alike, and 2023 will be the perfect time to explore new font trends.

Happy Typing! 🙂

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