7 Best Free Upscaling Software to Enhance Images – 2023

Free upscaling software to enhance photos

Photos are a significant part of our daily lives, and capturing memories for years to come has become vital for many. In some professions, such as the media industry, photographs play a crucial role in daily work. Because of this, it’s essential to have free upscaling software to produce the highest quality images possible.

So, what does it mean to enhance images and utilize upscaling software? Let’s take a deeper look at the details.

Our top 3 favourite tools to enhance images

Improve Your Photos, Enrich Your Work

For some, using free upscaling software is a no-brainer. It’s a fantastic way to enhance images while maintaining a high-quality standard. Upscaling software is valuable, especially for photographers and graphic designers who want to improve the quality of their photos. 

So, what is this software? Simply put, this software assists you in making your image larger or clearer. This is vital to many since a higher-quality photo will attract more attention. It’s important to note that not all free upscaling software is created equal.

Free software is an excellent option for those who are just starting or who only need basic upscaling capabilities. The three free software options above are highly effective when used correctly. Undoubtedly, users can achieve high-quality images and results with this software. 

But before breaking down the software options, let’s explain how upscaling an image actually works.

How It Works

Many images put out into the world are low quality or blurry in some way. If you’re using photos for your work, this can be a significant detriment to the amount of traction your work receives. Using this type of software will allow a person to make the photo larger without compromising the photo’s quality. 

Upscaling software uses advanced algorithms to analyze the pixels in an image. From there, it can add new pixels. This software has many benefits, one being the ability to enlarge low-resolution images to a higher resolution. It can also help you remove unwanted noise and sharpen the image, resulting in a cleaner and more professional final product.

In many cases, upscaling your images will improve the overall quality and look. Doing so allows users to share their pictures with a broader audience on various platforms. This tool is especially crucial for someone trying to grow their business.

Breaking Down – Top 7 Free upscaling software

Knowing how helpful free upscaling software is can be a primary difference maker in a person’s career success. With this in mind, here are the top seven best free software for anyone looking to upscale their images easily.

1. Deep Image AI

The first option to consider is Deep Image AI. An AI-powered enhancer, Deep Image is an excellent tool for upscaling images online. In fact, you can even enhance photos via mobile on your device.

The platform limits the size of an image to 25 megapixels, which applies to registered and unregistered users. This software is simple to understand and user-friendly. Once you’re on the site, all you need to do is upload your photo and begin enlarging. 

This advanced software uses cutting-edge AI algorithms. This means Deep Image AI will produce your images with the highest quality tools. In fact, the photos even have the possibility of looking natural. Some other perks include:

  • Compatibility with Mac OS and Windows
  • Ability to edit a bulk of photos at once
  • Natural-looking photo quality
  • Cutting-edge AI algorithms
  • For those who code, there is Application Programming Interface (API) support for developers to incorporate the tool into their personal project(s)

2. Icons8

Another free, quality software is Icons8. AI also powers this software and utilizes data and algorithms to mimic users’ learning. A prominent aspect of this site is the ability to edit a photo’s flaws or resolution.

So, how does it work? It’s simple – drag the photo into the site, and it’ll upscale for you automatically. You can download the saved image from there. Not to mention, you’ll be able to store your images safely and view your history as well. Other perks include:

  • The ability to sharpen, reduce noise, and upscale images through automation
  • Upscale images by 2 to 4x without compromising on quality
  • Redownload enhanced photos from your history

3. VanceAI Image Enhancer

VanceAI is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to upgrade their low-resolution images. This AI-powered software allows you to upscale your photos at no cost. The process of upscaling your photos is similar to that of Deep Image AI and Icons8. 

You can upload your image and begin the process of upscaling. From there, you’ll be able to download your photo. It’s important to note that all images are deleted within 24 hours – this is a prominent security feature of the software. There are numerous other perks, such as the following:

  • A specific AI anime tool designed for tinier anime photos
  • Automatically resize images that are larger than 25 megapixels
  • The ability to enlarge your image to 2x, 4x, or 8x at a higher resolution
  • Reduce blurriness and noise by sharpening the photo and improving the quality


If you’re looking for an excellent tool for small images, consider Cre8tiveAI. This software uses machine learning to upscale smaller images while maintaining quality. This software is also great for those looking to upscale before printing their photos. 

Some other features include:

  • An anime art painter
  • Ability to upscale an image by 16x in a matter of seconds
  • Great for preparing images for printing
  • Sophisticated AI technology
  • User-friendly


Waifu2x, which utilizes neural networks to upscale images, is the perfect upscaling software for anime fans. Though it’s primarily used for anime, the tool can be used for a variety of photos.

What’s great about this software is that it removes noise. You can also enter the URL of the image you want to compress instead of downloading it to your computer. Additional perks include:

  • Perfect for anime images
  • Can upscale from URLs 
  • Streamlined and free

HitPaw Photo Enhancer

HitPaw Photo Enhancer is a fantastic, professional-level photo enhancement software that fixes blurriness, reduces noise, and enlarges images. This AI technology can enhance photo quality and even make old photos vibrant again. Fun fact: it can even make cartoon images clear! Some of the top features include:

  • Colorizing black and white images 
  • Enhances the image quality of animals and flowers
  • Flawless editing options
  • Available for Windows and Mac
  • Easy to use

Let’s Enhance

Lastly, Let’s Enhance is software that can upscale up to 16x while retaining a high-quality image. AI technology enhances colors, removes compression, recovers details, and more. Typically, this software produces fantastic, professional-looking photos. Other perks include:

  • Offers a free version
  • A simple process of dropping the image onto the page to begin upscaling
  • User-friendly
  • Recovers and enhances images tenfold

Invest in Enhanced Images Today

There’s no doubt that free upscaling software will make your photo editing simpler. Do you work with photos somehow, or appreciate the ability to fossilize your memories? If yes, don’t hesitate to start working with this software. It’s a surefire way to improve the process of sharing high-quality images across the board.

All in all, upscaling software is a powerful tool for photographers and graphic designers alike. Whether you work with photos or appreciate the ability to fossilize your memories, upscaling software will improve your process tenfold. When appropriately used, it will help you create stunning, high-resolution images that look professional, natural, and polished.

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