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As a designer or business owner, incorporating free Lottie files into your digital projects can significantly enhance user experience and engagement. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of Lottie animations and how they can improve UX across various devices.

We’ll delve into Adobe After Effects integration with LottieFiles to create seamless transitions between motion graphics which you can upload to your website. Additionally, we will discuss popular websites where you can find an array of free Lottie animations for use in your designs.

Lastly, for those who wish to create customized animations without expertise in Adobe After Effects, we’ll introduce tools like “LottiLab” that enable easy customization of existing free Lottie files. By the end of this post, you’ll be well-equipped with resources and knowledge to elevate your design projects using captivating Lottie animations.


What are Lotties?

A Lottie is a file format for animations, based on JSON, which enables the effortless distribution of animations across various platforms. It is lightweight and scalable without losing image quality. Lotties create an engaging and interactive experience for users, so use it to enhance your UX button design.

Due to its smaller size and faster performance compared to conventional animation files, the Lottie file has quickly surpassed the usage of GIFs. As a result, LottieFiles continues to experience continuous growth in terms of utilization, accessibility, and overall popularity.

Lotties are mainly created by designers with Adobe After Effects. 

Benefits of using Lottie animations in digital design

  • Enhanced user experience: Lotties capture the attention of visitors with their eye-catching visuals, increasing engagement rates.
  • Faster load times: Lotties have smaller file sizes which result in quicker loading speeds on various devices.
  • Easier customization: With the different websites and tools, you can edit existing Lottie files or create new ones from scratch without needing any prior knowledge about Adobe After Effects. Read on to find out more!
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Lotties work seamlessly across different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone & Web browsers without requiring additional plugins/extensions.

History of LottieFiles

LottieFiles, the originator of the Lottie file format, has its roots in 2015 when an engineer developed a plugin called Bodymovin using Adobe After Effects. This plugin generated real-time animations in a JSON format, which proved to be a more accessible and user-friendly option for web developers.

Around 2016, the creative minds at Airbnb, in collaboration with their lead animator, took the initiative to create iOS and Android libraries capable of rendering this innovative and swift file format using JSON. In honor of Charlotte Lotte Reiniger, a pioneering German film director known for silhouette animation, they named this new file format “Lottie.”

Leveraging the engineering expertise and animation skills of the Airbnb team, the original JSON rendering plugin evolved into the remarkable tool it is today.

Free Lottie Files websites

Enhance your digital projects with free Lottie animations from any of the popular websites below.

1. LottieFiles

Browse thousands of high-quality Lottie animations on LottieFiles.com created by talented designers from around the world. 

We absolutely love it, however, it’s worth noting that the free version does come with some limitations. For example, you won’t be able to access all of the features available in the paid version, such as customizing animation speed, colors or adding interactivity. But even with these limitations, there are still plenty of great options available on LottieFiles to get started with!

2. Iconscout

In addition to LottieFiles and its extensive library of animations, there are other websites where you can find high-quality Lotties. One of them is Iconscout, find beautifully designed icons in Lotti format suitable for both personal and commercial purposes in Iconscout’s collection.

3. Finsweet

For Webflow users, Finsweet’s Lottieflow offers unique custom-built Lotties optimized for Webflow interactions. Personally, I find the options a bit limited but hey maybe you’re lucky here and find exactly what you were looking for. 

4. Creattie

Get a diverse selection of free customizable Lottie files tailored towards individual needs on Creattie. For this website I have the same comment, beautiful free animations but the free selection isn’t so big.

LottieFiles plugins and integrations

LottieFiles plugins are available for Adobe XD, Adobe After Effects, Figma, Framer X, and ProtoPie, enabling the installation of pre-made Lottie animations directly within these design and prototyping tools. Additionally, you can seamlessly incorporate Lottie animations into your workflow using no-code options provided by Elementor for WordPress, Webflow, and Kodika.io. This allows for easy integration and utilization of Lottie animations without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Let me tell you about LottiLab

Usually Lotties are created with Adobe After Effects or Adobe Animate. Lottie animations have revolutionized the way designers create engaging and interactive experiences for users. However, not everyone has the expertise or access to Adobe After Effects to craft their own unique Lottie files.

Thankfully, there are a lot of free lottie files available and online tools like LottiLab. It’s still in beta version but soon we all will be able to create Lotties without any prior knowledge of the Adobe programs. We keep you updated!

FAQs in Relation to Free Lottie Files

Are LottieFiles free to use?

Yes, many Lottie animations are available for free, on for example, the LottieFiles website, but always check the license and usage terms before using any animation in your projects.

Where can I get free Lottie animations?

You can find free Lottie animations on websites like LottieFiles, Iconscout, and Finsweet’s LottieFlow.

Does Lottie cost money?

Lotties themselves do not inherently cost money, but some platforms may charge for specific premium animations or tools.


Enhance your digital designs and improve user experience with free Lottie files – incorporating them into your Adobe XD projects or on your website creates seamless transitions between motion graphics and an amazing experience.

With free lottie files you enhance the visual aspect of your website and as you can read on our webdesign quotes page “digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” And although it might sound a bit cheesy, it’s kind of true ‘Lottiefiles is a way to keep painting’.

Websites like LottieFiles, Iconscout, Finsweet, and Creattie offer many customizable options. This allows you to create engaging motion graphics without needing expertise in Adobe After Effects. You can even customize your own animations if you pay a little monthly amount. Check it out for yourself and let us know which awesome free animations you have uploaded to your website!

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