Best Practices for Button Design: Latest Trends in UX

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Ready to take your buttons from boring to bold? 

Good design of your buttons is essential for getting users to interact with your content and have a great experience. That’s why we’ve written a comprehensive guide on how to craft beautiful buttons for your website or app with maximum impact. With our tips, you can be sure you’re creating attractive yet effective controls which will engage users of any level! 

Sharpen your skills and learn more about sizing, color theory, typography practices and more with all-inclusive guidelines from our experts. Refresh existing content and maximize user engagement through optimized CTA style features. Make every click count + create a more aesthetic website!

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Latest trends in design buttons in web design

For years, locating and pressing buttons was our primary way to navigate websites, from simple text links to animated image-based buttons. Designers had to find ways to create buttons that were as visually appealing as they were interactive – all while taking up minimal real estate on the screen. Innovations such as rollover effects, drop-down menus and 3D-pressed buttons gave web users the ability to navigate quickly and accurately within a website. 

Interactive elements

An interactive element seems to be a must-have in today’s web and mobile design. Gone are the days when button design was just about size, shape and color – now it’s all about user experience (UX).–Button–Button

We’re seeing more responsive buttons that focus on creating an enjoyable journey for users, rather than simply informing them of their options. User experience can be enhanced through subtle animations, micro interactions and transitions to create delightful designs.

The latest button designs are incorporating features like hover effects, clickable states and more versatile shapes. These features give users more visual feedback when they interact with your button, making the whole experience of using it much more intuitive.

visual noise

focusing on button design also means cleaning up any visual noise around it. The button should stand out from the rest of its surroundings, making it easy to spot and click. This can be achieved through the smart use of contrasting colors and shapes, as well as clever placement in relation to other elements on the page. 

Make sure it looks clickable! Preferably give it another color than its background.

Font size

Font size and the size in general of the button, are important for SEO as well. If you make your buttons too small they will not be easily clickable on mobile which will affect your CTR and SEO.


In 2023 we see buttons that stand out with their colors. Gradients are used, we see a lot of glows in responsive design but as well not responsive buttons in bright colors. All these details bring effective buttons

Rounded corners

We see a lot of buttons with rounded corners. Do you remember the ‘Apple button’, the very rounded, glossy button? We mean not THAT round, just a slightly rounded corner.

User interface

The user interface plays an important role in any website, application, or product. Button design is one of the most effective ways to make users understand what an application does and how it should be used. It is important to keep button designs simple and intuitive so users don’t become overwhelmed with too many options.

Buttons must be visually distinguishable with an appropriate size, location, and color palette that users can easily recognize. Good button design means users quickly understand what they need to do and keep using a product without frustration.


Button design has come a long way in the last few years. From simple text links to interactive button-based navigation, button design is now essential for creating a great user experience. The latest button designs focus on making buttons enjoyable and intuitive to use, from subtle animations to more versatile shapes and colors. In our opinion button design becomes more and more interesting!

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