How does Midjourney work? (Easy tutorial to get started)

How Midjourney work text prompt example Man Laughing

Are you looking for a way to create original images? Midjourney is the perfect platform to help you do just that. With the powerful text or image model, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and AI image generator, it’s never been easier to create stunning visuals quickly and effortlessly. 

Take your creativity to the next level – Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or simply someone who wants to add some visual flair to your social media presence, Midjourney provides everything you need to create impressive images easily.

We encourage you to take the first step towards ai art today and explore the amazing art world of ai image creation! In this article, we explain you how to Midjourney works and we give you some examples.

How to start creating images with Midjourney

To get started with Midjourney and create a unique image, simply follow these steps:

1. Sign up for an account on the Midjourney website:

2. Choose your plan. When we signed up it wasn’t possible to access a free plan.

3. Go to ‘Join Beta’ – This leads you to

4. Search for the Newcomer room on the left.

5. Start with /imagine followed by your prompt. The more detailed you are the better result you will get.

6. The Midjourney bot will create 4 images for you, if it sort of looks like what you were hoping for then you can work with these images. In case you don’t like the generated images, you can re-run the process starting with almost the same prompt but just add some words and you will get a totally different result. It’s a text to image model, so the better the prompt, the better the outcome. Look at other users, what text prompts they put, and learn what you can add to get a better result.

7. If you like one of the results you can stop to create images but you can make variations of one image, for example, if you like the image in the upper left corner and you like to get variations on this item, just press V1. When you think an image is perfect you can press U1 and U3 for example and download your images.

Examples of text prompts to get the image that you’ve had in mind (or better)

To learn how your midjourney work can improve is to look to other text prompts. We will keep adding nice ones if we come across good ones but see below already so examples of ai art generated in Midjourney to give you an idea of what you can add as a prompt after the /imagine.

For this article we used this text prompt: Man Laughing with green# 438e7e background + with this example image:

And this was the result we got:

After some other rounds, we’ve got the image you see below. Pretty good, right? It needs some Photoshop work but its almost ready to go!

These ai art images we really liked as well, hope you’ll get some inspiration of the text prompts they used.

Hyper realistic manga cat

Text prompt: Cute armored Turkish Van cat, in the style of Baten Kaitos, beautiful 3ds max render, volumetric lighting, global illumination, raytracing, detailed hyperrealism, manga

Image of Porsche created in Midjourney

Text prompt: A photo of a porsche 911, at night, shot on a Sony mirrorless, Aperture: F/ 11, Exposure: 0. 7 seconds, Focal length: 35mm( DX) , ISO: 100, Format: RAW, White Balance: Auto,


Midjourney has made creating ai art easier than ever. With its powerful text-to-image model and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, it’s easy for anyone to create stunning visuals quickly and effortlessly. We hope this article has given you an idea of how you can use Midjourney to create amazing images and explore the limitless possibilities of ai art!

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