9 great examples of digital art you should see!

great examples of digital art

Digital art is a rich and diverse world, with a great deal of potential and truly something to offer everyone. Digital art has many advantages over other forms of art, including increased eco-friendliness. Compared to traditional art, accessible tutorials, and easier ways to correct mistakes as you learn. As the possibilities in digital technology increase by the minute, we can create more and more digital artworks. Learn more about great examples of digital art and all of the many stunning forms it can take!

1. Digital paintings

Digital paintings are a form of digital art that combines traditional painting techniques with modern technology. Often digital paintings use feature vibrant colors and unique textures that can’t be achieved with traditional media and allow for more experimentation than traditional methods.

A great example is this artwork of the digital artist Mandy Jurgens

Digital paintings often start with a sketch which can then be further refined through the use of various tools like digital brushes, layers, color palettes, filters, and other features. Digital paintings have become increasingly popular over the years due to their versatility and ease of use compared to traditional methods. They are perfect for those who want to explore their creative side with computer art instead of having to invest in expensive equipment or materials.

Other talented artists and examples of digital art can be found on Domestika. Besides that, you can sign-up to learn to create digital art yourself and become a digital artist yourself, that’s awesome, right?

2. The Versatility of Vector Art

Vector art uses mathematical algorithms to create digital images. This kind of art is created using vector graphics software, such as Adobe Illustrator. Computer graphics can be scaled up or down as needed without losing any of its quality. Its versatility makes it ideal for creating logos and other artwork. It can be used in a variety of sizes and contexts. 

Vector art allows for more precise control over the shapes and colors used in your artwork. This makes it perfect for creating illustrations and designs with intricate details. Vector art can also be easily edited and manipulated, allowing artists to make quick changes without having to start from scratch each time they want to make a change.

A great example of this form of digital art is from digital artist Sarah Alice Rabbit.

3. Creating Photoshop Art

Photoshop is a powerful software program used by digital artists to create stunning works of art. It allows users to manipulate and edit images in a variety of ways, from simple color adjustments to more complex compositions. With Photoshop, you can combine multiple images into one composition, add text and effects, and even create 3D models. 

Digital artists can also use the program’s various tools such as layers, masks, brushes, and filters to enhance their existing artwork or photography. Photoshop includes a wide selection of textures and patterns to give your work an extra touch of realism or abstractness. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, Photoshop makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful digital art. It’s not easy to learn all possibilities within Photoshop but there are a lot of tutorials out there to get you started.

So just start exploring and you will find that the world of photoshop art is a treasure trove of creativity. It allows you to blend reality and fantasy seamlessly. By adding unrealistic elements to everyday photographs, artists are able to create jaw-dropping visuals that offer a new level of intrigue. The beauty of photoshop art lies in its ability to transport us beyond the limits of our imagination. It provides a sense of wonder as you can see in the example above!

4. Enhancing Audio with Music Visualizers

Music visualizers involve the use of software to generate animations and visuals based on audio. It is especially popular recently in music and lyric videos. Many successful musical artists use digital art these days to create a unique feeling with the song.

5. Digital Art on Buildings

Digital art in or on buildings can enhance the aesthetic of a building or convey a particular message, such as a political or artistic statement. It’s a powerful art form with its immense visual effects. Digital art on buildings can range from simple projections and light displays to complex interactive installations. The possibilities are practically endless for creating unique and captivating visuals for any space. 

Digital installation art on buildings has become increasingly popular in recent years as technology grows and expands. This type of digital artwork you find mostly in urban areas. It provides an opportunity for people to interact with their environment in ways that both educate and inspire them.

6. The Simplicity of Pixel Art

Created in 2016, Stardew Valley features a vibrant and colorful pixel world, filled with a variety of characters and environments. One of the most well-known examples of pixel art, the character designs are detailed and expressive, with a warm color palette creating an inviting atmosphere for players to explore.

Stardew Valley’s pixel art creates an immersive experience. It captures the spirit of rural living while providing a nostalgic, comforting escape. Stardew Valley is one example of how to use simple digital art to create beautiful visuals that draw people in.

By Philip Myrtorp

Pixel art is an exciting form of digital art that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It involves creating images by manipulating individual pixels to form a cohesive design. This technique is in use for decades in video games, online advertisements, and other digital media. However, with the rise of social media and online communities, pixel art has become an entirely new genre of art in itself. Its unique aesthetic brings a charming touch to everything from logos to virtual worlds. 

7. Immersive Museum Exhibits

Digital immersive experiences are a form of digital art that allows viewers to become fully integrated within their environment. One of the most popular examples is Van Gogh: the Immersive Experience which allows users to explore the works of Vincent van Gogh in an interactive 3D environment. Other examples include interactive installations, 360-degree video experiences, and online gaming worlds.

We’ve seen it in Barcelona and I must say it’s one of the best art shows I’ve ever seen.

Digital immersive experiences can also be used to create educational and therapeutic experiences, such as virtual museum tours or guided meditation sessions. By combining art with technology, digital immersive experiences offer unique ways for people to engage with art in an entirely new way.

8. The Realism of Digital Sculpting

With its ability to create highly detailed 3D models, digital sculpting can be used to create incredibly realistic and lifelike sculptures. This technology can also be used to create intricate designs for video games, movies, and other digital media. By allowing artists to quickly and easily create complex shapes and textures, digital sculpting can help you bring your ideas to life in previously impossible ways.

9. Creating Unity Assets

Creating Unity assets is a great way to express creativity and bring life to a game or virtual environment. Unity assets can be a variety of things, but the most common kinds of Unity assets are characters, environments, props, and texture packs. Once an asset is imported into Unity, it can be textured or animated with the many tools available in Unity’s game creation engine. Creating assets for Unity is an exciting way to bring new ideas to life and share your art with the gaming world.

The Beauty of Digital Art

Whatever art medium or subject you choose for your digital creation, you’ll enjoy a wide range of access to powerful tools and helpful tutorials when making digital art. No matter what you want to create, be it graphics for a game, line art, or traditional-style digital painting, the digital world has all the potential and inspiration you need to create art. With all these examples of digital art, it’s time to start with your own art journey!

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