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Choosing the right color palette can be a major factor in creating an aesthetically pleasing design. Whether you’re designing a website, creating a flyer, or just selecting color hues for your office interior, the color combination you choose can truly make or break your design.
Playing around with color combinations can be daunting but there are general color rules to provide guidance and make the process easier so that you don’t get the joke like in graphic design is my passion meme ;). Color choices play an important role in how people feel about a design project or space. Adobe Color can help out when you aren’t so sure about what color combination to choose.

The Adobe Color Wheel

An essential tool for color selection, the Adobe color wheel is every professional designer’s go-to. The color wheel allows you to explore color harmonization and broader color palettes quickly and easily. Whether you’re working on websites, logos, or graphic designs, you can find the perfect color palette to fit your vision with this intuitive tool. With the ability to create custom shades from existing colors and access color theory basics, the adobe color wheel gives you the creative power that was once limited only to experienced colorists.

Adobe color wheel

Color trends by Adobe

If you’re feeling stuck with color combinations, a great way to get inspired is by exploring color palettes from designers, illustrators, and other pros around the world on Adobe color. Seeing color Trends is a great way to bring fresh ideas and color concepts to your artwork. Use them as jumping-off points for new color exploration!

Adobe color trends

You can add any theme easily to your color theme library!

add color theme to library

Color psychology

When choosing adobe colors for your designs, it is important to look beyond what you may personally like—it’s about resonating with the audience. It’s essential to research the profile of your viewers and determine which colors would best fit their personality type. By understanding if they’re eccentric, conservative, young or calming-natured, you can create a color palette that speaks directly to them and communicates your message in an effective and powerful way. Going beyond personal preference can have a major impact on how well adobe color palette will positively influence audience engagement.

Adobe Express

If you like to take your creativity to the next level after working with the color wheel, go to Adobe Express. Adobe Express provides an incredible platform for free, creative exploration. Through the tool, you can make your own design out of thousands of templates, themes, design assets, royalty-free photos, and more seamlessly integrated with Adobe products. Adobe express puts your imagination into action; allowing you to take full advantage of its library of resources to create stunning content that meets your needs and surpasses expectations.


Finding the right colors to match your vision has never been easier. Play around with different colors and explore exciting ideas through their comprehensive tools. No matter what you’re creating, Adobe Color should be a go-to resource when working on any design project.

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