Line Drawing Ideas – Discover 6 different styles

Line drawing ideas

Line drawings are a versatile way to express creativity, and can be used to create both art and illustrations. It’s a skill and can be trained, it’s fun to find your preferred and best way. By experimenting with different line drawing styles, you can create unique drawings that capture the world around you. This can be digital, old-fashioned with pen and paper, or maybe even in 3D!

Line drawing techniques

When it comes to line art there are many different techniques that can be used. A popular line-drawing technique is hatching, which involves drawing parallel lines close together in order to create a solid area of darkness. 

Another common technique is stippling, which uses dots instead of lines to create a shading effect. 

Crosshatching is another variation, which involves drawing intersecting lines at different angles to create a more complex shading effect. 

By experimenting with different techniques, you can create unique and interesting line drawings.

Simple line drawing

This way of line drawing is a minimalist style that involves drawing an uninterrupted line to create a shape or object. Contour Drawing is another technique, which involves tracing the outline of an object without lifting your pencil from the paper. Scribble Drawing uses quick, carefree scribbling lines to convey movement and emotion in your drawings. Finally, Blind Contour Drawing requires you to draw

Cross contour drawing

One popular line drawing style is a contour line drawing, which involves drawing a continuous line that follows the curves of an object. This can be used to create a realistic sketch of an object or to create a more abstract drawing that emphasizes the shape of the subject.


Cross Contour line drawing example

Planar analysis drawing

The planar analysis drawing is a great way to simplify complex curved surfaces and turn them into simple flat planes.

The basis of this technique is to divide the picture into a series of geometric shapes, which are then used as a guide for drawing the lines of the artwork. This approach can be used to create both simple and complex line art.

Planar analysis drawing example

Wire sculpture lines

It’s a bit of a side step, but wire sculpture is a popular technique that also relies on line drawing, but then in 3D. 

By using twisted and bent wires, an artist can create a three-dimensional shape or form, emphasizing the lines and curves of the material with light and shadow. The result is eye-catching!

Wire sculpture Lines example

Scribbled line drawings

First of all, you should know, it’s not the easiest among the line drawing ideas but scribbled line drawings are a fun and spontaneous way to draw. By quickly and randomly drawing lines with a pencil, an artist can create an interesting composition of shapes and patterns that adds playfulness to their artwork.


Vince Low – Scribbled line art
Scribbled line drawing

Stippling drawing

Another line drawing style is stippling, which involves using small dots to create a shading effect and lines. In this drawing technique, the dots create the lines. This way you can create detailed drawings with a soft, atmospheric quality. 

Stippling line art is a time-consuming way to draw, so be prepared. But the outcome is amazing!

Tejumola Butler Adenuga

What makes a good line drawing?

Whether it’s a one-line drawing or many lines in a scribbled drawing a good line drawing mainly depends on the contrast between the lines. Create different contrast between the different elements in order to emphasize them and direct the viewer’s eye around the artwork. 

Additionally, it is important to think about composition when creating a line drawing – use different shapes, sizes, and directions of your lines to create interest and flow within your design.

There are many different types of line drawings that can be created using easy-to-learn techniques

By experimenting with different styles and techniques, you can create unique artworks that capture the viewer’s attention but most importantly it’s fun for you to make line drawings.

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